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Professional Horse Racing Tips and Best Bets

MrB provides our expert Horse Racing Tips and Best Bets for Australian Horse Racing each week for Reading The Play subscribers.

+84.5 units Profit current results!

+400 units Profit since commencement!

Expert Horse Racing Tips

If you are looking for professional horse racing tips then you are at the right place. Our professional analyst MrB provides our selective expert Horse Racing Best Bets each week for our Reading The Play Horse Racing subscribers.

Australian Horse Racing Tips
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MrB's 4 selective best bets for Saturday racing

25 Weeks
$ 425

$ 17 per week

Save 31.3% - Set & Forget
10 Weeks
$ 190

$ 19 per week

Save 23.2%
6 Weeks
$ 132

$ 22 per week

Save 11.1%
4 Weeks
$ 99

$ 24.75 per week

Starting Subscription

Save 10%
on any 6 week; 10 week or 25 week subscription – Checkout Code: TNKFZCM8

Results File 2022-23 Spreadsheet

Last Update 1 February 2024

Our winning results over the longer term of the past 4 years speak for themselves – over +400 units profit since commencement in November 2017!

Horse Racing Best Bets

Quality, professional long term approach!

4 Best plays each week – Saturday focus

Some Horse Racing Tips subscription services charge $50 to $65 per week yet they do not offer the quality of workmanship, direct client service, or results that we believe we do at Reading The Play! We have a small team of pros, have been online for near on 8 years now and have many long term loyal subscribers (many from our original start) who in their own words and testimonials love what we do!

We make the process very professional and easy! 

Simple subscription step (with no long term lock in or recurring subscriptions). You can start with just 4 weeks, try it out, review our work and if you like what you see subscribe for what ever period you choose.

Direct to your mobile sms notification whenever a bet selection is made! No mucking around with email notifications, website log-ins or missing any tips!

We don’t make outlandish claims or try to overcomplicate what we provide (we do all of that in the background). There are losing tips and losing runs. What we do do is work hard to provide quality work and long-term results!

52% of our last 125 tips have run top three, 30% have won, that’s a large sample size and a fair indication of what we provide.

Last 125 tips
1st > 30.4%
Placed > 52%
84.5 units Profit
15.1% profit on turnover 

Save 10% on any 6 week; 10 week or 25 week subscription – Checkout Code: TNKFZCM8

Last 125 tips
1st > 30.4%
Placed > 52%
84.5 units Profit
15.1% profit on turnover

“I place modest bets to protect my bank but have now near tripled it since I started with your selections, started with $2,000 grown now to $5,760 in 32 weeks. Please pass on my thanks” 
Scott E

“Best thing I ever did was subscribe, less bets, more winners and more enjoyment. Keep up the great work.”
J Black

“You’re an F’n freak! I am now $2,700 in front since mid August, wish I found this years ago big bloody thank you!”

Educated Best Bets

Australian Horse Racing Tips

If you expect 4 winners every Saturday then don’t subscribe – it doesn’t exist anywhere! We have multiple quality days along this journey as you can see from the example results – 20 and 30  unit profit days, but with any success its a journey of work each and every week. If you expect $8 and $10 winners every week then also don’t subscribe – we have found plenty of longer priced winners from $8 to $20 or better but they don’t happen every week, and the best guide to what the selections and their prices look like is to check the results files or selection examples listed on this page.

MrB joins our team

Professional Horse Racing Tips

MrB is a long term long-term form student and punter who has joined our team in August 2022 to focus on the Spring carnival. His approach is simple, less should be more, a focus on his 4 best plays for a Saturday where the quality of form is at its best and well exposed. MrB does all his own work using a combination of ratings and time data, speed maps and video assessment to then look to isolate his best plays for the day. It is a personal, manual approach that looks to find a single key winning chance in a given race. We only bet on and around the form in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and on occasions Perth with a preference for fit on speed runners from good barrier draws being ridden by quality riders that look well placed in this next race to be a high percentage winning chance.

A selective 4 bets each Saturday on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane racing.

MrB’s Horse Racing Best Bets 

+84.5 units profit current results

Last Update 3 December 2023

Straight forward picks - a focus on quality not quantity

The Plan

A selective 4 bets each Saturday on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane racing.

Single bet selections with an approx. 24 unit outlay, staked to return similar collects. The price quoted with each selection when sent by sms is a price currently available to all subscribers across all of the majority of betting providers. We do not cherry pick the best price or work off “price boosts”.

The price quoted with each selection is the price recorded in our results (subject to the final price achieved should deductions apply). Our master spreadsheet of results is transparent and readily available, everything is disclosed in selection order week after week.

If you enjoy following the great game of Australian horse racing and having a betting interest and are looking for some well educated selections to add to your approach each week then our work here should be of interest to you.

Quality Horse Racing Best Bets

Latest Results file here

Subscribe for weekly horse racing best bets and tips

Winning Horse Racing Tips Black Cavair 678x1024 1

” Best thing I ever did was subscribe, less bets, more winners and more enjoyment. Keep up the great work “

J Black

What you Get

Long Term Results

Our team have been in long term profit since we commenced with Reading The Play in November 2017. There are losing tips and runs of outs. If this was easy we’d all be living in the bar on the beach in Hawaii, it takes discipline to be prepared to work away at this week in week out over a period of time, but as longer term results show over a significant period of time he can provide consistent winning selections and profit.

Tips Notification, Prices, Updates and Results

Expert Horse Racing Tips

We have offered this service for 8 years and so have built significant trust and relationship with our client base about how we operate. We are also experienced punters, and so our longer term goal and approach has been to provide an offering that we ourselves would respect and bet.

Tip Notifications and Quoted Price: Once a selection has been finalsied we notify each subscriber by free sms notification, here is an example of an actual sms message

Randwick R3 #2 Rainbiel – EW Win $15.00 x 2 units Place $3.90 x 3 units (DNP)  

Randwick R4 #12 Tazaral – Win $3.00 x 5 units (2nd)       

Caulfield R8 #6 Asfoora – Win $3.20 x 5 units (1st)

Caulfield R10 #14 Devoted – Win $2.90 x 5 units (1st)

The Winning Edge

Looking for a tailored Horse Racing Tips or Sports Betting Subscription? Contact us today.

Horse Racing Best Bets

MrB is an experienced pro who works to provide our expert Horse Racing Tips and Best Bets for our Reading The Play Horse Racing subscribers. A highly experienced punter, owner, breeder and long-term form student who across all racing circles MrB now brings to us his meticulous approach to his work and selections, refined over many decades of their own professional punting.

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